What Are The Best Careers For A Communications Major?

What Are The Best Careers For A Communications MajorWhat are the best careers for a communications major? This question is commonly asked by recent graduates that have just obtained a degree in communication. The field of communications is a broad field which includes future career positions such as a public relations specialist, communication specialist and a publicist. Individuals that are looking to obtain a degree in the field of communication often major in subjects such as communication, international relations, speech and marketing.

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A student can create a successful career after obtaining a degree with a major in communications. Students have the option of choosing to continue on and receive a Master’s degree in communication after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in communication. This option almost always leads to a better job prospect in the current employment market.

Since starting with a good education is crucial, anyone asking “What are the best careers for a communications major?” should first consider where to get the best education for this career. This article is a good place to start.

What Are The Best Careers For A Communications Major? Two Examples


An individual that has pursued a degree in the field of communications has the opportunity to pursue a career as a specialized publicist. Individuals that choose to be a part of this specific career take pride in their work and have the ability to work with others. A publicist is an individual who is directly working with well-known individuals, celebrities or even authors. Publicists are often required to complete tasks which include arranging public appearances as well as dealing with all public relations inquiries when it comes to serving the best interests of their clients. An individual who chooses to become a publicist must be able to maintain a positive outlook on even the most negative situation. A client may be faced with negative situations and unfortunate circumstances in one way or another. As a result, it is the publicist’s job to make sure that these scenarios are turned around in order to save the client’s reputation. In other words, a publicist is also responsible for damage control when it comes to anything that the public may see that is directly correlated with a specific client.

Communication Specialist

A communications graduate also has the opportunity of obtaining a position as a communications specialist. Various businesses, hospitals and marketing firms opt to hire communications specialists. This type of specific professional is responsible for making sure that the communication that occurs in a well-established institution is clear and consistent. A communications specialist must be able to develop and facilitate marketing material as well as the communication that occurs between an employer and the media. As with a public relations specialist, a communication specialist is also required to maintain the communication channels between a company and the public.

A communications major can offer endless career opportunities for the qualified job applicant. Research can answer the concern of students who are wondering, “What are the best careers for a communications major?”

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